Sky3DS Software and Drivers

Before you can copy rosm to the Sky3DS® microSD card you need to install special burner software on the PC. This process has to be done only once and the software will be provided with the card or you will be able to download it here.

Sky3DS top sd slotSky3DS cartridge back

Currently you cannot copy 3DS game roms from the PC to the microSD card like copy-paste. A special Sky3DS Writer/Copier program is needed to transfer and properly format the game data. The process reminds me of how you would burn mp3 songs to a CD-R. At this time if the Sky3DS drivers and software are not installed on the PC a message telling you that the SD card is not formatter will appear if you try to connect It to the computer. (Do not format the card if you don’t want to loose the roms on it).

We will write in detail about how you can burn the roms to the Sky3DS microSD card and how game scan be replaced and save game backups created when we have a chance to test the software.

Hopefully Sky3DS team will simplify the process of copying 3DS roms to the microSD card so that in future we can drag-and-drop files into the card like we do with any other USB device or SD card.


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